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CONTINUOS MEDICAL EDUCATION (CME) for Medical Doctor & Officers.


The Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programs of Al Islam Specialist Hospital are regularly held twice a month.  The sessions are attended by the Doctors and Clinical staff.  The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points are awarded by the CPD Secretariat of the Ministry of Health Malaysia.
The main objectives of CME Program are:

  1. To promote a healthy learning culture as required in the Sunnah Rasulullah S.A.W

  2. To acquire, maintain and enhance the knowledge ;

  3. To ensure that academic and practical qualifications are continuously updated and to progress in the medical knowledge, skills and technology, thus to be more proficient and competent in daily practice;

  4. With the knowledge gained in the programs the healthcare providers are able to provide high quality services in patient care;

  5. To promote social intercourse and sillaturrahim among the healthcare providers.

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