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Program Retreat for Leaders.
Business Planning & Roles of Leaders

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Retreat Program For Leaders, which took place at Tenera Hotel, Bandar Baru Bangi on December 4 and 5, 2021 was kicked-off with an inspiring opening remark by the Director of Al-Islam Specialist Hospital (Al iSLAM), Dr Ishak Mas’ud. In his speech, Dr Ishak has expressed his gratitude for organizing the program and his hope for all participants to utilize it as a moment of realization (muhasabah diri).

The 1st day also featured another contributions from consultant Tuan Haji Kalamhadi Abu Bakar, who drew attention to the need of Al iSLAM to re-strategize their development plans for the upcoming year through his presentation on the title “Malaysia Healthcare Landscape: Issues and Opportunities.” 2nd invited speaker Tuan Affendy Zulkifli has furthermore touched a very important subject related to “Role and Responsibility of a Leader”.

During the two-day program, 11 SWOT Group presenters have deliberately delivered their SWOT Analysis Findings related to their working fields/operation area. Through presentations and interactive breakout and discussion groups, many ideas were emerged as the potential areas that company could explore to improve its services.

The program was indeed an effective exercise in assessing the company business services and what are the available platforms to emphasize in delivering the Ibadah Friendly Hospital internally and externally.  The continuation of the SWOT Action Plan Roadmap will be the good start for Al iSLAM to strive further with more initiatives and programs for the new page year of 2022.

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