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Doctor's Visit


Health Screening Packages

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Health Screening

Health Screening Package offers full options of screening in CASH payment.


Now available. 

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Breast Screening

This package offers the best price for BREAST ULTRASOUND service care.


Now available.

ENDO _ KOLON 2023.jpg

Endoscopy/ Colonoscopy Check

This package now offers inspection process for both Endoscopy/ Colonoscopy detection, treatment not included.

Now available.

Pakej Strokee.jpeg

Stroke Preventive Package

This package offers basic and executive packages just for you to choose which is best.


Now available.


Health Checkup for Haji

This package offers health checkup procedures for those involved with Haji included.


Now available.

CT Scan

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Lung Cancer Screening Package

This package is for Lung Cancer Screening Package.

Now available.

Special Treatment Packages

Maternity 2022

Varicose Vein/ Chronic Venous

This package offers treatment on varicose vein / chronic venous insufficiency with venaseal, include with scanning process & 1 night stay offer. 

Now available.

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AV Fistula

This package offers treatment on the AV-Fistula from outpatient process, surgery to medication on after treatment.

Now available.

KATARAK 2023.jpg

Cataract Package

This package offers cataract treatment which includes cost procedure, surgery, treatment and many more.

Now available.

Family Packages


Normal Delivery

Our 2022 Delivery Package Set (NORMAL DELIVERY) offers 2 days 1 night treatment for new mothers with CASH / PANEL payment.

Now available.

Pakej Khitan Baby Poster 2023-01.jpg

Infant Circumcision

Package circumcision on infant applicable for both boy and girl at the affordable price.

Now available.


Caesarean Delivery

Our 2022 Delivery Package Set (CAESAREAN DELIVERY) offers 3 days 2 night treatment for new mothers with CASH / PANEL payment.

Now available.

061022 postnatal_A5-02 (2).jpg

Postnatal Care

Postnatal Care Package for all mothers after birth to heal and rest back into shape. 

Now available.

Dental Packages

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Family Dental Package

This package offers dental care service in family package for a better lifestyle for you and your kids.

Now available.


Extraction for Pediatric

This package offers tooth extraction for kids below the age of 12 years old at a reasonable and affordable price.

Now available.

Pakej Polishing-01 (1).jpg

Scaling and Polishing

This package provide dental care service; Scaling and Polishing your teeth for a longer lasting smile.

Now available.

Vaccination Package

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Vaccination Package

This package offers vaccination shot for all age level.

Now available.

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